10 Concerts I’ve been to, and one is a lie!!

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10 Concerts I’ve been to, and one is a lie!!
-The Wiggles
-Jason Mraz

Wait, stop, this doesn’t seem right…

Why am I telling you all this special information about me? This sounds like a fun way to interact with your friends, but what you might be doing is giving away vital information to the “EVIL ROBOTS”!

How is that possible?

These kinds of questionnaires might seem fun, but they are designed to collect information that you may be using as security questions for important websites.

You’ve seen those questions: What color was your first car, what was your first pet’s name, what is your favorite song, and what was the first concert you’ve been to…

Having this information is incredibly powerful and with just a bit more information the “EVIL ROBOTS” will have all that they need to gain access to those accounts.

Whoa, all of these things are bad?

No, of course not all of the questionnaires and surveys are bad, but why give them the chance to glean information. The more of these silly surveys that someone takes part in, the less vigilant they are, potentially opening something dangerous, like a virus.

What can I do to make it okay?

Oh, that’s easy:


No? Okay, maybe that is a bit extreme, but just be smart about what information you give away. Even on your Secret security questions, pick something that is harder to guess, What was your first pets name? Instead of saying “Mr. Bengal Kitty”, why not say, “TIGER!” you definitely won’t forget that, and the “EVIL ROBOTS” are less likely to guess that you had a tiger as your first pet.

Stay safe friends, and as always if you have any questions, call us at QuickFix. We are here to help!

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