The 3 things you need to do after the equifax hack

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Equifax has all your info and they got hacked and lots got stolen.  Now what?

You should care about this.  The reason you should care is because the info that was stolen could be used to setup fake accounts in your name.  You don’t want to be responsible for a huge credit card debt that someone else made.  Here is how to be proactive about this issue…

  1. Visit to see if your data got stolen: (free)
    **UPDATE** A client (Paul Brier) told me his lawyer said that if you get the “free credit monitoring” you also give up your right to file for $$ in any class-action-law-suit.  Another client said this language was removed… I don’t know.  What I do know is that it’s ok to not sign up for any free protection.  You can still see if you got hacked with the link above and then proceed with steps 2 and 3.
    **DETAILS** Use this link to see if you were hacked:
  2. Visit and lock your credit report ($10 one time fee to lock):
    **DETAILS** Button on home page that say’s “add a security freeze”.  It gives you a pin you can use to lift it forever or lift it for a one-time use… like if you are trying to buy a car and need them to be able to run a report.  Just go back to and click the button to grant a one-time unlock, type in your info + your pin number and it’ll lift the freeze for a day.
  3. Visit and lock your credit reports for TransUnion and Equifax ($20 per year to do this):
    **DETAILS** From their home page under the “Credit Protection” heading, there is a link to setup credit lock.  Create and account and log in.  You can log in with the button at the top of the home page that say’s “Member login”.  Once you log in, you can click “Credit Lock” to toggle the lock ON or OFF.
    That’s that.  Now, even if they have your info, they can’t setup an account in your name unless they are ALSO able to know your pin number or log in as you to TransUnion.  This 2nd step will stop the vast majority of cyber criminals in their tracks.

If you can’t find the places to click in the instructions above… just watch the video below.  It’s a bit wordy because we were discussing hacks in general, but it shows you where to click on the pages of the websites to find the sign-up spots.  🙂



  • Even with your data, pretty much impossible to create accounts in your name


  • Some time to setup up
  • One time $10 fee
  • $20 per year fee
  • You must manually allow a company to access your credit report if you are trying to buy an item or add a credit account.

Worth it?  Well, that’s your call…

… and while we are talking about the Equifax hack, let’s make sure your computer is not hacked… read or watch below…

Ccleaner is hacked and you may have it.

If you are a QuickWatch client, we’ve removed it already.  If you aren’t then you need to check to see if you have this installed, and then remove it and/or install the newest version.  New version is safe.  Old version is not!

Many IT firms use this tool to speed up and clean up computers.  We typically don’t use it but it’s a good tool.

It’s easy to remove.  Just go to your programs and click “Uninstall”.  Then you can install the latest version if you need this.

More Info:

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