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Enjoy our unified cyber and IT solution backed by a $2,000,000 ransomware recovery guarantee.

QuickFix is a team of technology gurus who provide your business with a turn-key IT department.

Remediation Labor Coverage
Up to $2 million
Customer Care & Support
Guaranteed Response Times
Unlimited Remote Support
Unlimited  On-site Support
Advanced Cybersecurity Solution
Updates  for Computers & Network
Monitored  Infrastructure
Microsoft  365 Licenses & Management
MFA  Enablement & Managed EDR
Next-Gen  Email Security
Password  & Mobile Device Management
Simulated  Phishing Attack & Pen Testing
Malware Resiliance
Computer,  Server, 365, Google, Backups
Air-Gapped  Credential Management
Consulting & Advisory
Documentation  & Procurement Assistance
IT  Budget Preparation and Tech Review
User Education & Training
Security Awareness & End User Training

Who we are:

QuickFix is a team of technology gurus who provide your home or business with an IT department. From consulting & computer repair to network security & website construction, we have your back so you can build your business in peace and quiet. We are the premier Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in the Charlottesville VA and Staunton VA areas.

What we do:

What we do depends on what you need! Some clients need to secure their home or office PC & Mac workstations. Others need end-user support and Cybersecurity measures to be put in place, and some need custom web applications securely hosted and backed up safely. However, most people don't know what questions to ask to even get started! QuickFix knows that businesses need reliable, quiet service tools. We'll guide, educate, and help you succeed.

How we do it in 3 steps:

Regardless of the size and scope of your business, our high-altitude process is essentially the same for everyone, even though the details and sub-steps are always unique to each client.

Initially, we talk to you.
Where do you feel pain in your business? What feels slow or inefficient? Are you happy with your software tools and your office work-flow? Do you think that your website captures the culture of your company? Answers to questions like these help to uncover your high-altitude technology and security goals. They also help to identify the top priorities for you and your business.

Next, we work with you to build "The Plan."
The Plan is the road map that outlines, step-by-step, what must be done to fix the high-priority and highly-critical items that we identified in the last step. Further down the road, it includes even the small details that are not super-important but cause constant frustration. The Plan is the blueprint that allows you to take a proactive approach to your technology as well as fit your goals to a budget and a timeline.

Finally, we implement, train, and maintain.
Your new QuickFix tech team integrates with your existing business team while deploying, instructing, and supporting. When everything is finished on your end, it's just beginning for your new tech department! We monitor, update, and solve problems in the background, while your office staff forgets about technology and now focuses solely on their role in your business. If there is an issue, we are one phone call or email away.

Who We Are

The QuickFix team is dedicated, loving, loyal, trustworthy, creative, intelligent, thoughtful, always-improving, hilarious, witty, accountable, accepting, forgiving, courteous, and perfectly imperfect.

The last person we hired was selected from over 70 interviews! Exhausting, but worth the pain. Any new addition to the team must be a compliment to the existing team and must also be someone that you, our client, can't help but to love and respect.

We care about what we do and take it seriously.

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