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Bryant Harrison


He may be the founder and CEO of QuickFix, but Bryant's team doesn't hold that against him.

Bryant loves to make people happy, tell corny jokes, is quick to smile, and is absolutely fanatical about providing top-notch customer service. His vision for what customer service CAN be has been the guiding principle of what QuickFix continuously strives to be.

Bryant began his tech career by breaking his college roommate’s computer four times... Though he was able to get it fixed every time, barely averting a semester of awkwardness. 

He cares about the lives he touches every day, and exemplifies this in his unwavering focus on client and employee well-being.

Bryant also loves tacos. A little too much. 🌮

Oh yeah, and we (his loving team) chose this great picture of him for his profile! We think it works. We also chose the video below because... well because why not!?

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