Staunton Computer Repair

QuickFix is pleased to offer Staunton, VA area businesses and organizations with quality computer repair services. If you or your staff have to wait on your computer then it’s busted. Your time is valuable and a computer should increase your available time, not suck it! Also, your business workstations are the main attack points for cyber criminals. QuickWatch for Workstations increases profitability by increasing computer speed and up-time and by also greatly reducing malware attacks. #ComputersAreTools

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Work We’ve Done

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What We Do

  • Threat Protection Guarantee

    We stand behind our tools. In the unlikely event that you get hacked or infected, we will remotely clean up your computer for free.

  • Monitoring & Repair

    We check event logs and monitor the status of the hard drive of a pc (which contains all of the data). We usually know before hand when a drive has problems and needs to be repaired or replaced so that you don’t experience a crash in the midst of working on something important. We can also tell when hardware or software is causing critical problems to the computer or network.

  • Super-Friendly Techs

    Finding the tech guys who knows tech but is also friendly and likes people is a daunting task. This is where we shine! All of our techs go through a rigorous training process. We find the folks who truly care about others. These charming souls also love technology and enjoy putting smiles on people’s faces.

QuickFix provides expert to the Staunton, VA area