Occasionally, when we're not saving the world ... We write stuff!

  • Aug092016

    QuickFix partners with SVOE to help local business people

    SVOE sells copy machines.  They care about security and asked Bryant (QuickFix’s president and digital forensic expert) to help with a…

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  • Mar312016
    Tape Backup Drive

    World Backup Day

    Today is World Backup Day.  Are you prepared to lose data? Do you have a plan to protect your critical…

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  • Mar252016

    Locky Virus Massive Email Attack

    QuickFix clients using QuickWatch are very safe, but most everyone else is not… According to recent reports, massive volumes of…

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  • Dec142015

    How to protect yourself from 78% of all malware attacks, easily

    78% of ALL malware comes through email We recently learned this from LogicNow (a global managed services provider and owner…

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  • Nov112015

    How to enable (or disable) windows updates

    WARNING: Disabling Windows Updates makes your computer unsafe and more likely to be hacked.  This could void your guarantee if you…

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  • Oct292015

    “Geek Pearl”

    Kreela recently received a glowing review from a fan… she even got a picture to go with it! Kreela is…

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  • Oct282015

    Before QuickFix… After QuickFix

    Before QuickFix:   After QuickFix:   Enough said…  

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  • Jul302015

    What You Need To Know About Windows 10

    As you may know, Windows 10 was released yesterday.  You may have also noticed for the past few weeks a…

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  • Jul142015

    The Cloud is Just Someone Else’s Computer?

    Tech Talk  July 26, 2014. Bryant explains what the “cloud” is and isn’t.    

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  • Apr242015

    Why is android whizing on apple on google maps?

    As of 4/24/2016 at 9:00am EST, if you simply do a google search for: “Adiala – Shahpur Rd, Rawalpindi, Punjab,…

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