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Chalk up another happy client for Steve

Yesterday, Steve helped a lady today who abandoned another IT company who made her life difficult for Quick Fix! Here's how:

Yesterday, Steve helped a lady today who abandoned another IT company for Quick Fix.

  • She told Steve that she liked the people in her old IT company
  • She said they were reliable
  • Steve told me that they fixed her problem too.  (A Windows updates error message.)

So why in the world would she take the risk of calling another IT company, I asked Steve.  Apparently, she left them for Quick Fix because when she got the computer back, it was “unusable” for her.  It was fixed, but her homepage was different, she couldn't find her email and her internet favorites were difficult to use because they were in an unfamiliar place on her browser.Steve is her hero now!  He solved her issues and she is super happy.  Steve said that,

She could have cared less about windows updates not working... She just wanted to be able to user her computer.  She told me that my time was "well worth the $95 charge."

Once again, I was reminded that if we don’t pay attention to the little things, then there is no point in working on the big things.  Our team keeps our customers coming by:

  • Taking screen shots of old systems so we know how to reconfigure it the way the customer had it before
  • Creating reasonable expectations--We let people know the positive and the negative about a service that they want us to perform
  • We let them know that they have the option to schedule a tech to come on-site to help them setup their computer JUST like before

Chalk up one more for the Quick Fix team!

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