How to get CenturyLink Internet to Work

CenturyLink gets a bad rap but part of the reason is the use of old phone lines that causes long fix times. Follow these steps to get better results!

CenturyLink often gets a bad rap. Part of the reason for the bad rap is that much of CenturyLink uses old phone lines buried in the ground. Other than replacing the entire line of copper, it's just not going to start being reliable. Every fix means you just have to wait until the next good rainstorm to find the OTHER place where the line is shorting out. But there is hope!

Instead of trying to call in and listen to someone on the other line tell you to "reboot your modem again," use the process below to have their on-line system scan your line for errors, and automatically schedule an on-site fix. I've used this many times, and with enough service calls, CenturyLink has been known to FINALLY decide to stop putting band-aids on the broken bone and just run the new line in the ground. So keep those service calls coming until it's fixed properly!  

How to use CenturyLink's line-scan tool to schedule an on-site repair visit automatically:

1) Log into your account and click "My Support":

2) Scroll down and click the "Service Troubleshooter":

3) Make sure there are no outages in your area, you've paid your bill and all that, and if all is good, you can click the "Internet Problems" button:

4) Run the Data Line Test:

5) Wait… this takes a few minutes to run.

6) If it finds problems, it will ask you to diagnose them. You will want to make sure that your home/office setup is correct and click "continue" a bunch of times.

7) The system will go ahead and schedule a technician in the first available slot. You will be able to change the appointment time if it's not good for you.

8) Your FINAL and essential step is to confirm the appointment using text or email. If you don't do this, the technician will not show up.

Success! This whole process takes me about 5 minutes to complete, and then a CenturyLink tech shows up at my home in a few days to fix my slow internet connection.



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