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How to minimize your IT risk and maximize productivity

When you have 20 minutes to spare during lunch or something, watch this video! It shows you how to achieve QUIET and SAFETY for your company.

The high-altitude concept is simple:

What if you drove your car and just ignored the maintenance. Then, when the engine ran out of oil and melted, you called your mechanic to fix it. It is very expensive only to call your mechanic when your car breaks and is also a waste of time.

This is known as the “break/fix” model. It’s usually way better to follow a “maintenance model.” Cars have been around for a long time, and everyone knows a maintenance model works better for them. Computers, however, are relatively new and people often don’t know that following a maintenance model saves money, time and increases your team’s morale due to their consistently well-working and time-saving tools.

The cyber security video below is all about being proactive instead of reactive with your safety, your data, and your business uptime.

  • You will learn that Cybersecurity for small businesses doesn’t have to be super complicated.
  • You will learn the top five threats and the ways to defeat them.
  • You will be given a checklist to give to your trusted IT provider so they can make sure you are not running your business with all the doors unlocked.

Key words to keep in mind:

Reactive = High cost over the long haul with high emotional pain
Proactive = More evenly distributed costs over the long haul with very little emotional pain

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