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LogMeIn recommends changing ALL PC/Mac passwords

LogMeIn sent an email on April 14th about the Heartbleed bug. They recommend the following actions if you use LogMeIn...

LogMeIn sent an email on April 14th about the Heartbleed bug.  They recommend the following action if you use LogMeIn:

We've updated the LogMeIn host and related services to close the vulnerability, and we're advising that customers take the following precautionary steps:
  1. Check to confirm you're running on the latest version of LogMeIn.  You can do that by hovering your mouse over computers in your Central or My Computers page on the LogMeIn.com site.  OR by right clicking on the LogMeIn icon in your systems tray and opening LogMeIn Control Panel and click on the About tab.
  2. Confirm version number and above for Windows or version number and above for Mac.  If you are using an older version, please click the Check Updates button in the LogMeIn Control Panel (as described above), and update the software.
  3. Change your Windows PCs or Macs passwords โ€“ This is for your computer login credentials only. You do not have to change your LogMeIn account login.
  4. Take a minute to review our FAQ on the LogMeIn help site.
In addition, our security team continues to perform a rigorous diagnostic investigation to ensure the protection of our users, and will provide additional product-specific updates if necessary.

Yep, you heard it... Change your Windows or Mac passwords.  Not ideal for the tons of business and home computer users in the world who really don't want another password.  Well, gotta do what you gotta do.

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