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Star Wars and websites

Star Wars is something wonderful that many people adore, but try wowing today's teenagers with the special effects in the original 1977 release...

Are you a Star Wars fan? We at QuickFix are absolutely consumed by it, and naturally, work it into our daily lives. If you ever stop by the office, don’t say “Greedo shot first” if you have somewhere to be in the next three hours 😉

As many Star Wars fans know, George Lucas began re-releasing his movies in 1997 to take advantage of modern film-making technology. Despite some of Lucas’ changes being extremely divisive or downright silly, it’s also a study in keeping things current and relevant to an ever-changing audience.

Star Wars is something wonderful that many people adore, but imagine trying to show the original 1977 release to a teenager today. The effects look dated, the picture looks muddy and by today’s standard, it’s not a very exciting movie. Your teenage friend would lose interest pretty quick, regardless of how good the movie actually is. Nostalgia is a powerful force (no pun intended, but it’s not something that brings new people in or helps you grow.

Now, compare that to your website. You’ve had it forever, it works perfectly well… But it’s just not interesting. Maybe it doesn’t work right on mobile devices, maybe it doesn’t use any of today’s standards, or maybe it was built before SEO was much of a consideration.


Taking something old and revitalizing it using the tools available today can help you reach a new audience, help grow your existing one or make your brand look new and exciting again. George invested millions of dollars into his remaster, but yours doesn’t need to cost nearly that much. Most redesigns or WordPress conversions we do are well within the budget of your average small company, and QuickFix can guide you along every step of the way so that you get the most bang for your buck without introducing “change for the sake of change” (I’m looking at you, blinking Ewoks).

A good way to see if you need a remaster is to test your site with Pingdom or GTmetrix. If your site takes longer than three seconds to load or you have a bunch of warnings showing up in your results, there might be some things on your site that you can address.

Another great indicator is by testing your site for mobile friendliness, and Google offers a great tool for this. Around 15% of web traffic today is ONLY desktop-based, so that means 85% of visitors are using some other device, like a phone or a tablet. It goes without saying that every website we build is naturally mobile friendly from the get-go… Except I just said it. Oh well.

If you’re unsure whether you need a remaster or not, chances are your site just needs a little TLC. Regardless, QuickFix is here to help and we’re just a contact form away. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions you may have!

PS: For an extra helping of nerd, check out this fan theory that claims Jar-Jar was actually a Sith.

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