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3 things you should to do after the Equifax hack

Equifax was hacked, compromising millions of people's private information; Here are things you can do to protect yourself!

Equifax was hacked, compromising millions of people's private information. This is a HUGE data breach, and the information that was compromised could be used to set up fake accounts in your name.

Nobody wants to be responsible for massive huge credit card debt some criminal decided to rack up because your information was out there.  Here is how to be proactive about this issue.

Visit Equifax's website to see if your data has been compromised.
Note that if you receive a “free credit monitoring” email from Equifax, the terms and service abdicate your right to file for damages or participate in any class-action-law-suit.  

Visit Experian.com and lock your credit report
There's a button on their home page that says “add a security freeze”. You'll receive  a PIN you can use to lift the freeze for one-time use, or permanently.

Visit TransUnion.com and lock your credit report
On their home page under the “Credit Protection” heading, there is a link to set up credit lock. Create an account and log in, then click “Credit Lock” to toggle the lock ON or OFF. That’s that.

Now, even if cyber criminals have your information, they can’t set accounts up in your name.  This will stop the vast majority of hackers in their tracks.

If you want to see this all in action, just the video below.

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