The end is here!

Every internet connected device in your home has a unique number called an IP address. But, we've run out of addresses! Now what?

So.... Every available IP address IN THE WORLD was used up on February 3rd, 2011. What is an IP address? Every web-page you visit, every server running e-mail, every computer in your home, and every smart phone has a unique number called an IP address (generally speaking). Now that the well has run dry, the world is looking at switching to the new 'IP VERSION 6' addresses. This should be interesting... until this switch occurs, we'll be seeing supply and demand in action. Rising prices for web hosting, more expensive accounts or 'installation fees' from internet service providers, etc. This is because the only way to get an ip address is to buy it from someone who is hoarding them. They can charge whatever they want for the addresses.If this was as widely publicized as Y2K, we'd be having folks stockpiling spam again... ...Mmmmm... spam...But, we won't have to worry about it again! The new IPv6 address range is large enough to assign a unique address to every atom on the surface of the earth... for 100 earths... It's just that no one knows exactly how we'll begin to use these new addresses without redoing the internet!

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