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The Shellshock Exploit: What you need to know

By now you may have heard of the Shellshock Exploit and be wondering if it affects you or your IT infrastructure. We have answers!

By now you may have heard of the shellshock exploit and be wondering if it affects you or if there is anything you need to do with your computers and IT infrastructure.

Currently there is a lot of media hype surrounding this bug, and it has people worried. The bottom line is that if you are a Windows PC user, it does not affect you, at least not directly.  If you have a computer or server running Linux, Unix, or MacOS, then it may.  It provides a possible backdoor into these systems for hackers to gain control and use them. Eventually, for the average user, it means that you will likely have to change passwords to important online services, but do not do so immediately.  Time has to pass so most of the vulnerable systems can be patched first, otherwise you will be changing passwords twice! If you are a Mac user, we are awaiting news of a patch from Apple.  As soon as that arrives you should update your computer. If you have hosted services such as websites, you should check with your hosting provider to see if their systems are being patched. Rest assured, that we will do our best to keep our customers as safe and informed as possible.  If you are a customer, we will contact you if we believe you have been affected directly in any way.  We will also post more news as it becomes available.

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