Computer Management

No matter what type of work to do, a computer is the center of where you manage your business. QuickFix puts the tools in place to keep it running smoothly so you can get things done.


We continuously monitor your workstations for security issues, patches, hardware failures, and glitches.

Hardware failure alerts
Intrusion alerts
Daily event monitoring
Daily backup monitoring


Our cybersecurity team and tools provide best-in-class protection against would-be attackers.

Managed & monitored antivirus software
Web content filter
Heuristic threat detection with whitelisting
Access monitoring
Malware-free or we fix it for free


Your computer is a tool.  Our job is to make it, so you can use it, enjoy it, and forget about it.

Daily, event-based fixes
Usability reports
Planned updates & reboots


Whether you need computer repair or just a tweak. We are armed with full backups and all the info we need to keep you going.

Remote fixes
Data recovery assistance
Migration/upgrade help
Integration & connection assistance/support

Only the best platforms and software

How your business can benefit:


Your workstation needs to work so you can get things done. Our efforts keep you moving and keep you safe.

Data Protection

Your data is safer than ever before. Whether you need HIPAA, PCI, or other compliance, our backup systems do it.


If your staff has a question, needs a tweak, or something breaks, we are only an email or phone call away.


We manage, update, and monitor the ever-changing cybersecurity recipe needed to keep you safe.


A single failed workstation should not cripple your business. We craft solutions that remove 911 emergency potential.

White Glove Deployment

We'll work closely with you to set up, migrate, and ensure you have a seamless transition to success.