Meet Steve – Cville Computer Support Super Hero

QuickFix News

Good morning Cville,

Quick Fix Geek wanted to take a minute to introduce you to one of our computer repair specialists, Steve Riesenman. No, Steve doesn’t drive the Wahoopty, but he does drive a fully wrapped Smart Car that you likely see whizzing from home to home to small business to home all day long. Steve is one of our on-site Computer Repair SuperHeros. I am not kidding. Read some of what people say about Steve after the warm and fuzzies he generates while onsite.

Steve does not have the words,” There is no solution to this problem”, in his vocabulary. He always comes up with an answer. He responds to all our questions and requests much to our satisfaction.

Steve has worked with us on numerous occasions over the past two years. I cannot think of anyone in the IT advisory arena with whom we have done business over the past two decades who is more responsive, capable or congenial than Steve. He is delghtful to work with.


Here is a brief synopsis of why we think Steve is awesome.

  1. Steve is not weakened by Kryptonite. He is powered by coffee and the joy of watching people’s faces when he solves their computer woes.
  2. Steve is Steve. He is just a unique, courteous, congenial guy that truly gives a crap about every client. Some days we need to tell him to chill out as he may care too much at times.
  3. Steve is a road warrior. He battles Cville’s sucky traffic daily while making people smile. The Smart Car is his home and he likely spends more time on the road in it then at his own house. Despite the stress of running around, he takes a deep breath before every client visit and brings his best to the table.
  4. Steve’s work brings in more positive reviews than any human we have ever seen. It is frightening how many fans he has. Bryant, the owner, is secretly jealous. Shh… don’t tell him we told you!
  5. Steve repairs laptops, recovers data, sets up home networks, deploys new PCs, helps people with their Macs, sets up wireless printers, and on and on every day and each day he comes and tells us what a great time he had on the road helping a client. He is like a kid in the candy shop.

Cville, we hope you get to know Steve someday. He is our cville computer support superhero, hopefully he will be yours!