Drastically improve your iPhone’s battery life!

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iphone-4Here at the shop, we came across a particular article from ZDNet that we felt needed to be shared with as many people as possible.  It is no secret that one of the main complaints from iPhone owners and potiential iPhone owners is the short battery life.  I personally use an iPhone 4 and can attest to the short battery life.  In fact, I had resigned to purchasing a second charger (one for my home and one for the shop).  It appears that my actions may have been rash as David Gewirtz from ZDNet has illuminated a simple yet wonderfully effective way to preserve my battery life (and anyone elses for that matter).  It turns out that the main culprit for hogging battery power is the mail application.  iPhones constantly check for new mail to arrive and this causes the app to run continuously.  Simply change your iPhone’s mail setting to manually check for mail instead of the default automatic check and you can double your battery life!  I have made this change on my own iPhone and it has gone from lasting 24 hours to 72 hours!  Instructions with pictures of how to change your mail setting are below:


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