Free Computers to Needy Kids

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Don’t Trash That Old Thing!

With Windows XP going away in 54 days, folks are purchasing new computers like mad.  But don’t trash that old windows XP box!  Donate it to us.  We’ll prep it for use by needy kids from in and around Albemarle County.

Here is our process for making sure these PCs are safe for the kidssafe to you to donate, and are supplied to the people who need them the most:

  1. Nuke your data to Department of Defense standards.
  2. If the computer will run Windows 7, give it to Computers for Kids.  Computers for Kids has government regulations as to who gets these machines.
  3. If the computer will not run Windows 7, then we install Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is easy and safe and kids can use it to do their homework!
  4. These Ubuntu computers are given to Albemarle County Schools and distributed by Sharon Wood.

Keep the landfills clean!  Help your local community!  Donate what you don’t need.  We got the rest!

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