iPhone 4 hack fixed… for now.

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Apple shipped a Mac OS X update that patched 54 security vulnerabilities. One of these updates fixes a flaw in the iPhone 4 that allows an attacker to hijack your phone.  If you don’t have the 10.6.7 patch, you should apply it soon.

Globally, Mac has less than 5% of the market with computers.  But with handhelds, Mac is taking over.  It will be interesting to see how Mac handles their new popularity when it comes to attackers.

We all know you are way more vulnerable to infections if you have a PC.  Macs just rarely get infected.  You can browse the web with your mac and thumb your nose at viruses and malware.  This is not true when it comes to security vulnerabilities.  In a recent security audit, Macs were said to be way more vulnerable to hackers than were PCs (go figure)!  This is even more the case when it comes to the ever more popular ‘i’ devices.  PCs have been in the lime-light since day-one.  They still have huge issues with malware and viruses and are constantly patching software to fix vulnerabilities.  More and more we hear about Apple handhelds and OS X coming under attack… As Apple climbs the popularity ladder, I believe they are beginning to face the same challenges that Microsoft has been facing for years.  Hopefully the two technology giants will collaborate against the constantly changing threat landscape for the good of the consumer… but somehow I doubt it.

*Thanks to Salvatore Vuono for use of this image.

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