Can Macs Get Infected?

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mac-virusDid you know:
Mac computers are not nearly as plagued by viruses and malware as are PCs.  However they may be just as vulnerable.  Arguably, the primary factor that stops Macs from becoming infected as often as other brands, is the simple fact that “hackers” choose to target the much larger percentage of computers, which run Windows based operating systems (more commonly known as PC’s).  The reason hackers want to hack you in the first place is to steal from you.  Windows based systems have a global market share of 78.6% while Macs own 1.7% of the global computer market (as of 2010).  If you are going to spend time and money to build a credit card stealing software package, why not target 78% of the population!  The thing is, Macs are on the rise and Macs are vulnerable!  Because of this, we’re starting to see some real infections aimed at stealing cash from mac users.  Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZD Net offers a little insight into this particular problem:

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