Quick Fix GUARANTEES No Viruses

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Should you actually get hacked while using our solution, we’ll fix it for free!  That’s right… FREE!  

Malware has been getting nastier and nastier lately.  First the ‘CryptoLocker’ virus kills folks pictures, music and docs.  Then Target gets hacked.  Now they find the “ChewBacca” virus stealing credit card numbers from Point of Sale terminals in thousands of stores across the globe.  We even had three Mac computers come in our Charlottesville shop, back-to-back, that were infected!

Yea, it’s kinda nuts out there… but at least you can keep your business and home computers safe from harm with QUICKWATCH.

QUICKWATCH is not just antivirus software, it is PROTECTION.  Below is what we do to insure our clients get the best possible service.

  1. Proactively monitor your computer for infections, software malfunctions and hardware failures
    –Managed Antivirus Software
    –PC Health Monitoring and Reporting*
  2. Backup all pictures, music, and other data and keep 30 versions of each file
    –Unlimited, Encrypted Off-site Backup
  3. Proactively block known threats before they have the chance to attack
    –Security Patch Management
    –Active Malware Blocking
  4. No Virus Guarantee!
    –We have your back!
  5. Secure Remote Access
    –Access your computer from anywhere.  Even from your handheld

*QUICKWATCH provides only non-personal, system information to us. We use this information to maintain your computer and keep it virus free.

For the price of a cup of coffee a couple times a week, you can have unlimited backup and supreme protection.

We charge only $24 per month for this service.  Contact us to have it setup for your home and office right now!

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