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$1,000 Giveaway!

You give us a legit business referral, we'll put your name in a drawing to win TEN amazing $100 bills... Or fifty $20 dollar bills. Whatever it is you're into.

How to enter:

  1. Send an email to a new business decision maker and CC bryant@quickfixgeek.com
  2. Go for the gold with a warm introduction and compliments to the QuickFix team!
  3. Done!

We'll put your name in the drawing for EVERY new business you send to us. One email per referral, please. Group emails don't count!

When does the $1,000 give-away happen?

Oct 31st, broadcast live on Facebook. Bryant will pull a name from a hat (while wearing a totally RAD halloween costume), then deliver the $1,000 to the winner while wearing said costume. An embarrassing dance may or may not also be involved. It'll be great, you'll love it.

* If you are not local to Bryant, do NOT panic! You will still get all the love. We promise! 

But... Why?

Uh... Because $1,000
It will help other businesses get the same great service you do
You care about the ozone layer and cute sea animals