WARNING: Phone Scams are Real and Here is What You Need to Know

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*RING RING* Hello?

“THIS IS MICHAELSOFT, YOU HAVE 20 thousand virus’ on your computer, it is vital we connect to your computer and help you right now, your bank account are compromise.”

We’ve all heard it, the question is, who are these people, why do they call you and what do you do?

If you are a tech, this can be one of the most fun calls you can get, you have them connect to your Virtual Honeypot Machine and watch all of the chaos they would cause to would be victims.. But, wait.. You don’t have a VHM??? Oh.. that’s okay too, here is what is happening.

The “Michaelsofts” are trying to gain access to your PC for a couple of reasons but the main one is to take your money. Here is a step by step real example that happened to a client:

  1. They will show you that you have lots of “Viruses” by pulling up logs and saying “see there, THERE it is”
  2. They will ask you for money. That money may be for Anti-Virus software, it may be for their time to “Clean” up your computer..
  3. They take your money, compromise your bank account and hang up.

Here is a secret to help you find out the truth. Microsoft will NOT ever call you about virus related issues, EVER as a home user. You have to reach out to them, and they will suggest you contact a local vendor for repair, they will make NO changes on your PC for you.

So, have fun with the Michaelsofts! Play a fun game with them ask awesome questions like:

“Really, you are from Microsoft?? What department are you with? Is Jimmy still working there, can you put him on the phone??”


“Hey! Is Phil still the manager there? Our Court case is still pending, I need to collect my money from you guys, can you cut me a check?”

But if you do anything at all, PLEASE PLEASE do not let them have access to your computer, contact someone that you trust, Call QuickFix! We will help you find the truth and keep you safe, we are here to help!

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