What’s My Password?

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AAAAAH, I know I typed my password correctly… [email protected], WHY ISNT THIS WORKING?????

We’ve all had this issue, you’ve tried to get access to your favorite site, you remembered your login, but what was that password??

That’s okay, we can help! Many people find it very hard to remember numbers, computers are awesome at it.

But what do you mean??
So the Computermizers demand special things for passwords sometimes, maybe it’s, “Must contain 8 characters” or “Must have a special character”. But why? Yes it makes it harder for the evil people to guess our passwords, but it makes it harder for us to remember! Especially when even 16 character passwords have been compromised in less than an hour, what do we do??

How about something fun??
“I like horses and it rains on Tuesday!”, seriously? No… But if I used that for a password it would take roughly the same time to crack a cinder block with your head to guess (unless you CAN crack a cinder block with your head, if so, you are special and awesome and I want to see!). But why!? Because typical hackers use dictionary attacks, this is a list of words or combinations that are “normally” used to gain access, entire phrases and punctuation are not among these lists.

YAY, I’ll never be hacked again!!
WOAH! Slow down Wally, this definitely doesn’t mean you WON’T be hacked, but it is much harder for the bad guys to guess, however, it is much easier for us to remember because it is absolutely ridiculous. There are times where we cannot use these types of passwords, in those cases, try and find something that doesn’t mean anything to anyone other than you, and if they have the option for 2-factor authentication, absolutely use it!!

Not sure what 2-factor authentication is? It uses a third party device like your phone to generate a second code that you have to use with your password. This combined with a good password can mean the difference between Super Fun access to things and having to deal with someone else getting access to your important things.

As always if you have any question on how to be safe, call QuickFix. We’re here to help!

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